Alternative Document Services Inc.   


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Regular Service of Documents (Within 7 days)


Rush Service (Within 4 days)                       


Priority Rush Service (Within 2 days)


Additional Parties or Individuals (at same time and place)


Kilometer Charge (Within Calgary)


Additional Attempt at Service (Out of Calgary)


Additional Address at Service



Additional Charges (if applicable)


Standard Affidavit


Affidavit of Attempted Service


Notary Public (Out of Province Documents)


Waiting Time


Filing Fee (Plus Disbursements)


Courier (Within Calgary One Way, Starting From)


Courier (Within Alberta one way, starting from)


Courier (Out of Alberta One Way, Starting From)


Fuel Charge  ( Starting From)


Kilometer Charge (Out of Calgary)



Out of City Services:



Travel Time   (Out of Calgary Services Greater Than 50 km)


Agency Fee in Alberta (Includes Long Distance Calls, Courier Extra)



The Above Rates Are Subject to Change Without Notice