Alternative Document Services Inc.   


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Our Service and Our Commitment

1.      Our Office Staff answers your call personally.

2.      We arrange for a quick pick up of your documents within the Calgary City limits by a reputable courier.

3.      Our computerized tracking system is designed so that we can access up to date information on a file very quickly when requested.

4.      We separate and keep your valued documents, required for the Affidavit, in our office.

5.      We offer three speeds of service   1) Today        2) 3 Day       3)  6 Day

6.      If an address is incorrect, we let you know immediately. We attempt to find a new address through Directory Searches.

7.      We call you if there are problems to get further instructions.

8.      We call you once the service is completed.

9.      Your Affidavits are done in our office quickly, professionally, and accurately.

10.  We have a Commissioner of Oaths and a Notary Public on staff.

11.  We return the Affidavit and your Documents to you quickly by our courier.